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our inspiration draws from the mountains.  a cirque being the amphitheatre-like landform that creates the headwall of a glacier – the physical 'tipping point' where annual snowfall exceeds annual snowmelt.  

Cirq delivers nuanced sustainability strategy and advisory to create social and environmental change. like a glacier is the totality of a thousand snowflakes, Cirq is a collection of people and projects that will inevitably move mountains.

we live in nature and embody its cyclical processes. 

we see a future where our society and economy does the same.


we are dedicated to designing sustainable systems that move beyond the extractive paradigm. Cirq delivers bespoke technical, communications and strategy advisory to private sector and government sustainability projects: 

 >> circular economy strategy

 >>.circular design and business model evolution

 >> sustainability communication

 >> textile sector sustainability services 

 >> stakeholder engagement and workshop facilitation

protect what you love. 

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